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no signs of letting up despite the presence of monitors from the arab league to ensure that syria's government ends their bloody crackdown. >> heather: prime minister nouri al-maliki says the u.s. troop withdrawal begins a new chapter for his country. they broadcast the ceremony in baghdad. praising iraqis for us on tings saddam hussein and urged his people to move forward in unity as the nation focuses on rebuilding. >> gregg: it has been a fairly big diplomatic year from iran's nuclear ambitions to the crisis in syria. his approach to international delaware over the past three years has, diplomacy has been different but has it paid off? what can we expect from the administration next year. former advisor of six secretary of states and can the america have another great president, author of a book. how would you assess his efforts at dialogue with adversaries? >> no speck spectacular failures or spectacular achievements. i thinkhave learned whether democrats or republicans that in the end at least these days its cruel and unforgiving world. there is a place for diplomacy and dial
in syria as record crowds turn out in new protests across the country. we have brand-new video of some of the demonstrations that took place friday and you can hear gun fire in the background if you listen as police are using water cannons to try to break up the crowds. activists say at least 22 people were killed. the violence showing no sign of letting up despite the presence of monitors from the arab league who were there to insure syria's government ends their bloody crackdown. >>> and major new developments out of iran today after a pair of controversial promises turn out to be more bark than bite. tehran pulling the plug on a long-range missile test and denying rumors that they would shut down a major shipping route. in fact, a top expert even discussed iran's plan for a six-party nuclear talks. feel it might be early to celebrate diplomatic victories. doug has more on that. >> good evening. it appears that the threat of new western sanctions against iran is now in conjunction i should say with the presence of three u.s. aircraft carriers within striking distance of iraq, may h
. hoping for an end to the bloodshed, specifically, in syria, also, asking for the resumption of israeli and palestinian peace talks. and our greg burke is still standing by, streaming live from rome. hi, greg, merry christmas. >> reporter: jamie, that's right. you know, merry christmas, the pope, basically making a major plea for peace as you say, especially, in the middle east. the land where christ himself was born and it is an incredible crowd this morning, in and around st. peter's square lake and a crowd from all over the world as he gave his christmas greeting in more than 60 languages, he starts with italian and ends with latin and, chinese and arabic and everything in between, and, as he wishes everyone a happy and healthy christmas and two main messages, today it was about peace, praying for an end to so many places where there is violence, but, also, praying for people and asking krifrjs chris pray for people, involved in natural disasters and during this period it is important to be close to them and last night, his focus was on the real sense of christmas and saying, don't g
to impose more sanctions on iran because of the nuclear program. >> heather: in syria, dictatorship finding a new way to banning phones likely to keep the fighting out of view. the order coming from the confuse tomorrow's department of the syrian finance ministry. many of the pictures showing anti-government protests that have come from amateur footage posted on the internet. according to the u.n., 4,000 people have been killed in syria that is just since march. >> gregg: back here, new help in the search for the missing baby lisa irwin, john walsh bringing his expertise to the case. here is more. >> he helped bring more than 60 children in the past 24 years and now involved in the baby lisa case, helping that 4 million viewers will help solve the mystery and bring lisa back here. john walsh america's most wanted made his life's mission to protect children. >> in kansas city, missouri, the search continues to find missing 11-month-old lisa irwin. >> and premiere on lifetime the show featured baby lisa stories along with pictures. the attorney says the show's attention the family didn't solo
through the borders go to syria. and our whole plan of isolating the regime is going to fail now. because they're supporting the regime through iraq and connecting with hezbollah or other problems. so, the fact that these events are happening in iraq is not on the regional level not just for iraq. >> what can we do from here. even if we don't have troops on the ground with prime minister maliki. i don't want to say influence, they're their own country at this point, but can we have an impact that keeps us safe here at home? >> look, the real answer to this whole thing is to make sure to contain the iranian regime. that's where the problem is. i mean, without iranian convention in iraq, most of the issues will be addressed so we need to be very clear. against iraq and the military exercises and all of that has to be-- we need to do a strategic change in our policy towards iran to get results in iraq and syria and in lebanon. >> jamie: tell me what that would look like for us. >> it would look like us telling iranian leadership there are red lines inside iraq. it will look like we reaching
was written in syria in 250 ad, which is 200 years after the time of jesus. the author says he kissed her often on the face. >> gospel of philip does not suggest an actual sexual relationship but a symbolic relationship between jesus and his church or jesus and the holy spirit. >> i don't have a conspiracy of why the estimate broken but this paper is old and you touch it and it breaks up. so there are many breaks in the text. this is only one. the most provocative. >> important for me is mary was a major apostle in the first century on the left with peter and thomas. >> the idea that jesus christ has children with mary and they became part of the french royal line, is based on legends that go back to france back to the 9th century. so, it is not a new idea but it has virtually no historical basis whatever. >> there is good food and junk food. and there is good fiction and junk fiction. the da vinci code is junk fiction. now, we will join our correspondent in paris for a look at how the da vinci code popularity has created an industry. >> thanks to the da vinci code tourist capital of pari
biden leading with issues in turkey. looks like the situation in syria is one thing that everyone can agree on. >> we stand with turkey and a growing course of nations to call for president assad to help p ahid. >> 25 people reportedly killed in clashes between the earian army and troop troops who havee defected. the u.n. estimates some 4,000 people have died in the uprising. >>> the folks in california are working and a colossal cleanup after one of the worse windstorms in decades. gusts of nearly 75 miles an hour. one person dead. damage estimates in the millions and thousands are still without power. maria, as bad as this is, more to come? >> another round of strong winds as we head into tonight and also through sunday morning. that is what southern is expecting. also fusty winds across central portions. not really associated with a storm system. actually a large trough or dip in the jetstream that is set up out west and we to have several disturbances that ticked down. the one she did bring the strong wrong of snow across the area. across new york cities of the up irmidwest where
's square to hear of the pontiff. he called for an end to the bloodshed in syria and prayed that god would help the israelis and palestinians resume talks. the 84-year-old pontiff making the remarks after a late night christmas eve mass. greg burke is standing live from rome with the very latest. hi, greg. >> hi, eric. merry christmas. you know that's right. for the pope, christmas is like a double-header. there's that mass on christmas eve and then a very big day christmas day. the message and the blessings from the balcony over st. peter's square with lots of people showing up. the pope's message today was really quite simple. let's pray for peace, be close to those who are suffering, either through violence or through natural disasters. the pope spoke about the violence, and also praying that the israelis and palestinians could get dialogue started again. pope benedict also praying asking for stability in iraq and afghanistan. there was absolutely an overflow crowd in st. peter's square as there always is on this day but, perhaps, especially today because the weather was so good. amazi
the streets in syria, and the show of defiance in spite of the presence of arab league monit monitors. monitors. >> all right. let's talk politics, texas governor rick perry raising millions in his race for the white house, but with the first major contest in iowa just days away now, he's still trailing in the polls. and steve brown live from fort dodge, iowa. steve, how much has governor perry spent on tv this month? >> it's a staggering number. the des moines register took a look at it and keep in mind, television isn't expensive out here in iowa, not a lot of major markets to drive up the price, but that he spent the most, 3 million dollars and it's difficult not to see his ads out on the air. his campaign says the ads where he talks about his faith and talks about what he describes as the president's quote, war on religion, end quote or when he talks about congress and the need to cut them down to a part-time job, those get a good response, at least that's what the perry camp said. >> he's obviously trying to reach out to the evangelicals and electorate out there in iowa i should
protestors now scheduling more demonstrations throughout the month. >>> in syria, eight people are dead following renewed violence this weekend. round of gunfire in the streets, government troops cracking down on former soldiers who have joined the resistance. now word that violence is spilling across the border into jordan. that is where a dozen syrians, attacked the embassy there on monday. syrians are set to vote in municipal elections, a first test of the reforms promised since the uprising begin back in march. >> gregg: to iran, the nation's elite revolutionary guard saying it will not return that american surveillance drone captured last week. iran calling the violatn of the airspace, quote, a hostile act and warning of a bigger response. former ambassador john bolton says that incident will make it much harder to deal with iran going forward. >> this is going to enhance iranian revenues substantially or put them in a good bargaining position with russia and china. it highlights once again why the policy of economic sanctions and the hope of getting iran to a diplomatic table is d
weapon, when iran has this going on and syria is really in turmoil and the opposition is s really starting to gain ground on president assad, i think it's dangerous to remove all these troops from iraq. if we'd been there nine years and the region right now is very very volatile and touchy. we have a lot of u.s. priorities why would we be pulling our troops out? the president had made a promise back when he was campaigning for the white house and he is trying to keep the promise here. >> gregg: presidents do that all the time. >> but not with national security. >> nouri al-maliki the prime minister of iraq has fairly close ties with tehran. he has visited iran on several occasions the in the last year he as made with mahmoud ahmadinejad. and are you skeptical? >> i'm skeptical but i think maliki is playing politics. he was very staunchly against the iranian regime for a while. then he was scrambling to keep his own political power in check and his base was pressuring him to make deals. so then he started to be friends with the regime. iran is their neighbor and trying to play the
extending its influence inside iraq, in syria, supporting the dictatorship and hezbollah in london and now the possibility of a stabilizing american presence in iraq has been withdrawn, and that is something that, i can tell you, troubles or friends, in the region, israel and our arab friends as well. >> eric: does it open the door for more iranian influence. >> it certainly does. al-maliki says he is not under iran's influence but we see it over and over again with his turning over and preparing to turn over iranian dissidents, to the regime in tehran. with the policies that he pursued. with respect to the sunnis, and we'll see if their concerns about a clamp down will come true but beyond iraq itself as i said, in other arab countries, iran and the ongoing struggle, shia and sunnis and the withdrawal of american forces is a potent signal that we are pulling back, and, the ways open for iran if they are able to exploit the opportunities. >> eric: do you think they'll be able to exploit the opportunity. >> saudi arabia, they haven't met with al-maliki for five years and think he's a, quote
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)

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